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Share your FlitterWeb page on your own website! These buttons can be easily embedded into the code of your own site, allowing you to show off your site's like count or FW score with your users, and encouraging them to contribute their own opinions (a good way of increasing your score!). Just input the variables below, select whether you want the display your site's likes or rating, and then copy the code into your own page and FlitterWeb takes care of the rest!

The "like" button allows users to like your site right on the page, without ever leaving your site at all, while the "rating" button opens a new tab/window and directs them to your FlitterWeb profile, where they can leave a review of their own. Attract new customers and improve your FW rating with buttons on your own site!

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FlitterWeb is a website designed to allow users to share and review their favorite websites, webcomics, webseries, and other content that can be found online. It is free to use and entirely user-driven, with the moderation team populated by the most active users on the site. Members can submit reviews for websites, add websites to the database, rate other users's reviews positively and negatively, connect with each other through private messages and more, and increase their Esteem values through further interaction to unlock other privileges.



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