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This is the place for webmasters and site developers, along with FlitterWeb moderators and members of the community, to access tools and extra features not available to the FlitterWeb community at large. You can log in with the same info you use on the main FlitterWeb site and all your information will be imported over automatically. Once you're logged in, FlitterDev is divided into three main sections:
  • Buttons - Own a website and want to spread the word about it? Use this free code generator to create an embeddable Like or Rate button that you can put right on your own website. Encourage users to review your business, increase user engagement and interactivity with your site, or show off your popularity with these official FlitterWeb buttons.
  • Community - Connect with the rest of the FlitterWeb community to discuss community standards, keep track of official FW news, or just blow off some steam. The community forums are the go-to place for staying in touch with FlitterWeb and its userbase, or even to make a mark on the development of the site itself. New features, updates, and official news will also be posted on the forums, so be sure to check back regularly to make sure you're getting the most out of FlitterWeb.
  • Developers - Go beyond a simple listing and promote your website professionally! Set up a Developer Account on FlitterDev, and you will unlock a whole host of new features such as stats tracking for your page, moderation privileges (regardless of Esteem level), the ability to add a cover image and social media links to your profile, the ability to flag old and obsolete reviews for your site, and more.
Be sure to stay tuned on the community forums for news, updates and new features as FlitterDev and FlitterWeb as a whole, continue to grow and develop! And in the meantime, if you have any comments or questions, contact us as business@flitterweb.com.

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